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Category: Insurance Blog

Safe Driving – NO excuses!

What’s the point? Most drivers know the law well enough to understand that offences such as using a mobile in one hand whilst trying to steer with the other, or driving without insurance are definite no-nos, and wouldn’t be considered safe driving. The transgressions are just that – criminal offences which are going to earn […]

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GSI Achieve Feefo Gold Service Award

GSI Insurance Services (Southern) Limited are pleased to declare that we have won a Feefo Gold Service award following the February 2017 announcement. The award is described as “an independent seal of excellence that recognises businesses for delivering exceptional experiences, rated by real customers” We began using Feefo back in 2016 as part of an ongoing […]

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Keeping your home safe while you are on your holiday

Have you taken your annual holiday yet this year, or perhaps you are waiting for that fabled Indian summer? Either way, the chances are that when you go away, your home is going to be left unoccupied – and, depending on the type of holiday you are taking, may be empty for a month or […]

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Don’t have a standard home? Then you don’t need standard home insurance

Standard is what standard does. If you don’t have a standard home, therefore, standard home insurance is unlikely to offer the protection you need to safeguard the structure and fabric of your property and its contents. If your home is of non-standard construction, you are instead likely to need a niche type of specialist home […]

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The Insurance Act 2015 – and how it will affect you

Have you ever felt that the dice are loaded sometimes, when it comes to insurance, with more of the contract weighted in favour of the insurer, rather than you the insured? The good news is that the tables have been turned somewhat – or at least a more level playing field created – by the […]

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Finding insurance if you have a criminal conviction

Criminal conviction insurance is a necessity, but what business is it of an insurer whether or not you have any type of criminal conviction? Insurers will say that the main focus of their work is assessing risk and that a criminal conviction is an important indicator when calculating those risks – past motoring offences are […]

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Finding the most appropriate specialist home insurance

There may be occasions when standard building and contents insurance with which to protect your home and your belongings simply might not be the most appropriate. Special cases call for a different approach to insurance. Those are the times when you might need to find for more specially designed and focussed specialist home insurance. If […]

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Looking for insurance in Kent?

In these days of ready access to the internet and the possibility of shopping around for everything quite literally from soup to nuts, it might be refreshing to look to local suppliers to meet your needs and requirements, and that can include insurance in Kent. It applies right across the board, whatever the goods or […]

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Save money on your insurance renewals

Insurance plays a key role in many aspects of our lives and activities – from the car we drive, to the house we live in, from the business we might be running, to the caravan we might use for our holidays. When insurance renewals come around, we hope to see a reduction on last year’s […]

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Saving money on your insurance premiums

The government may claim that the economy has turned the corner and is steadily strengthening once again. But the financial pages of the press paint less than a consistently rosy picture – a story in the Telegraph newspaper on the 12th of January 2016 provides just one example. If there is any chance of saving […]

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