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Looking for insurance in Kent?

In these days of ready access to the internet and the possibility of shopping around for everything quite literally from soup to nuts, it might be refreshing to look to local suppliers to meet your needs and requirements, and that can include insurance in Kent.

It applies right across the board, whatever the goods or services you may be after, including insurance. And if you are looking for insurance in Kent, you might be in for a special treat when it comes to arranging cover for anything from motor to home insurance, business insurance or even cover for your touring or static caravan.

Your local broker

At GSI Insurance we offer you Whitstable-based services specifically designed to meet the needs and requirements of our local market. We are perfectly aware of the national insurance chains which might attract Kent-based customers just as much as anywhere else in the UK, but our target market is decidedly local and we have no inclination for direct competition with insurers who may offer you only an online solution.

Although we may be in no direct competition with such national chains, however, we robustly defend our ability to match anything they might offer – and this may become crystal clear in the insurance discounts we offer to our local customers (effectively, anyone who lives within a 25-mile radius or so of our offices here in Whitstable):

  • currently, this includes a price match guarantee whereby we promise to arrange insurance at the best quote you might have received anywhere else – including online – or give you a discount anyway;
  • retaining our business with local customers is equally important and we therefore offer attractive discounts on any second insurance policy you decide to arrange with us, or for referring a friend or relative who subsequently decides to buy one of our insurance policies (costing £150 or more); and
  • if you are a working or retired civil servant you might want to take advantage of our special relationship with those insurers offering attractive discounts to members and past members of this profession.

Insurers may also give discounted rates to brokers which might not be available to customers buying their insurance direct. As noted by the government backed Money Advice Service, a broker may help you to find better cover, at a more favourable price.

An added dimension

Your local broker is in a position to do more than offer special discounts and promotions for insurance in Kent.

The added dimension which such a broker may offer is a personal relationship based on a more thorough understanding of your particular, individual needs. That is a vitally important consideration, since insurance is a highly individual matter – what might suit one person may be quite different to another.

By taking the time, trouble and personal contact to establish your precise needs and requirements, a broker is in an ideal position to tap into a wide network of potential insurers offering just what is likely to be most suitable for you – and to provide competitively priced products in any quote you are given.

Whether you are looking for motor insurance, breakdown cover, home insurance, business insurance or even cover for your caravan, your local broker may be best placed to understand your particular needs and to identify the relevant insurance products that offer good value for money.

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