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Subsidence risk tackled in Buckinghamshire

Property owners in Flackwell Heath, Buckinghamshire are celebrating the news that a risk of subsidence in their area is being tackled.

A three-week closure of a section of Carrington Avenue near Chapel Road in the village has now come to an end, with Transport for Bucks now having completed remedial works to stabilise the ground in the area.

The move comes as a welcome boost to local residents who have lived with the possibility of subsidence affecting their homes over recent months after a large hole appeared in the carriageway.

Anne Moody, coordinator for the local road’s Neighbourhood Watch scheme, told the Bucks Free Press: “I am absolutely delighted it is finally getting fixed, over the moon really, it has been an inconvenience and a worry to everyone.”

However, she added that getting the local authority to take action over the hazard has taken a considerable amount of time and effort.

Subsidence can be caused by a range of natural phenomena, including the action of weathering of the sub-surface of the ground following adverse weather.

In this case, the ground beneath the road is believed to have given way as a result of wear and tear on the carriageway and therefore property owners in the vicinity can rest assured their home is not at risk.

Fixing the issue saw engineers from Transport for Bucks restructure the concrete base beneath the road’s surface, followed by the laying of new tarmac to complete the programme of repairs. The road has now been reopened.

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