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Flood Re

Flood Re is a not for profit scheme that has been set up by the government, with the cooperation of Insurers, to help those households who live in a flood risk area to find affordable home insurance.

Flood Re

Flood Re

GSI Insurance Services (Southern) Ltd. work with a number of Insurers who are participating in the Governmnent-run Flood Re scheme. Some details of the scheme are as follows:

How does Flood Re work?

  • An annual tax (levy) is collected from every participating Insurer in the UK
  • That tax contributes £180m every to a central fund that is managed by Flood Re.
  • The Insurer passes on the flood risk part of the premium to Flood Re automatically, which adds to the fund.
  • Flood Re then takes responsibility for the flood part of the risk and reimburses the Insurer for any flood claim made under that policy.
  • Business is transacted in exactly the same way and customers will make claims through their Insurer as usual.

It allows for home owners in areas that are considered high risk for flood to purchase policies that are affordable and with a reasonable set of terms, such as a reduced flood excess. While the scheme is initially designed to help around 350,000 homes, there is no set limit, and it could be that more homes than that will become elegible.

In order for a property to qualify for a Flood Re quote it MUST fall into all of the following criteria:

  • The property is built before Jan 2009.
  • The property is used for residential purposes – commercial property, including let property, are not eligible for Flood Re (residential tenants who require contents only cover ARE eligible however).
  • The holder of the Policy, or their immediate family, lives in the property for some or all of the time or the property is unoccupied.
  • The property has a domestic Council Tax band A to H(or equivalent).
  • The property is in England, Scotland, Wales or Ireland (Isle of Man and Channel Islands are excluded).

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