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Looking for Insurance in East Kent?

If you are looking for insurance in East Kent, you may be in for a pleasant surprise.

Not only is the area covered by a local insurance broker, but a range of discounts are available to help save you money on the cost of your household or motor insurance. Local residents may take advantage of the following current offers which include:

  • a promise to match the price of any comparable insurance cover you might find elsewhere, including online;
  • a discount on the premiums you pay if you arrange more than one insurance policy;
  • discounts for you if you refer a friend or member of your family; and
  • if you are currently employed in the Civil Service – or are a retired Civil Servant – additional discounts may be available.

These are some of the offers available to East Kent residents from us here at GSI Insurance, your local Whitstable insurance brokers.

Using a local broker

We are specialists in providing insurance in East Kent for residents because we keep our ears closely to the ground, our eyes on the insurance market, and in that way better understand just what our customers want and what the industry may provide.

In other words we are able to tailor the insurance products our expertise tells us is available with your particular and individual needs and requirements.

Many of the advantages in using a local insurance broker are well established.

The government’s own Money Advice Service, for example, recognises them as experts in the field of insurance and are generally capable of finding you better cover, at a more competitive market rate.

Taking a closer look at the advantages of using a local broker:

  • one of the first things you are likely to discover is the essentially personal approach – something you probably will not encounter either by dealing directly with an insurer, through the depersonalised anonymity of a call centre or by shopping online;
  • thanks to the personal touch, a broker is able to help you explore your options when it comes to choosing particular types of cover;
  • this is then allied to the broker’s expert knowledge of the insurance market to identify – from possibly hundreds of offerings – the product or products most likely to meet you needs and requirements;
  • if your insurance needs involve non-standard products, a local broker is well placed to identify the specialist providers to meet your needs;
  • further down the line and in the event of your having to make a claim on your insurance, a local broker is readily accessible to guide you through the process and help ensure that any insurance settlement is fair, just and adequately compensates your loss or damage.

If you are looking for insurance in East Kent, therefore, you might want to make a point of contacting us, discussing your specific needs, and consider the keenly priced insurance products we are able to provide – and that is before you even start looking at the special offers, discounts and promotions that might be available.

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