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High fuel costs continue to impact motorists

Ongoing high petrol and diesel costs continue to impact motorists up and down the UK, with a new poll from the AA revealing many Brits are foregoing the use of their car at present due to their fuel costs.

Research carried out as part of the latest AA-Populus survey showed 45 per cent of UK drivers are using their vehicle less as a result of ongoing concerns over the cost of fuel, while 28 per cent admitted to reducing expenditure in other areas of their family budgets to compensate.

Overall, the report also highlighted those groups that are more affected by high fuel costs at present, with semi or unskilled workers and pensioners the most likely to limit their vehicle usage in the current financial climate.

AA president Edmund King argued: “The government has committed to a fuel duty freeze and is trying to extend the 5p rural fuel duty rebate, which is helpful.

“However, if the Treasury is going to make concessions to the fuel retail industry, it needs to tie them to fairer pricing. That can be achieved via wholesale price transparency.”

He added inflated prices on some forecourts across the country have offset falls in the average price of petrol and diesel in recent months.

Perhaps surprisingly, few individuals cited issues with poor weather over recent months or the dispute surrounding the potential closure of one of the UK’s largest refineries at Grangemouth as being a factor in their decision to use their vehicles less.

However, financial pressures concerning recent energy price hikes were shown to have had an effect on the likelihood of drivers to take to the roads, as many people are now saving in other areas in order to better afford their energy bills.

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