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Young drivers receive training from Ford

The first batch of young drivers to take part in Ford’s Driving Skills for Life initiative have completed the course, with the initiative seeing major events take place in Manchester and London.

Young motorists are being offered the chance to learn essential new skills that will hopefully stand them in good stead in terms of becoming more responsible and safer vehicle users through the scheme.

More than 500 people registered to try to get a position among the initial 300 places for training days at the ExCel in east London and the Trafford Centre in Manchester, with all participants aged between 17 and 24 years old.

Targeted specifically at younger motorists, the scheme aims to help individuals develop greater awareness of what is happening on the road around them, as well as boosting their confidence by giving them experience of some of the dangers they could face on the open roads and how they can be dealt with safely.

Indeed, the scheme received excellent feedback from the initial group of students, who were so impressed by the level of knowledge and understanding they were able to glean from the day that many recommended it be made part of the standard driver training.

After visiting a training session as part of the new scheme in London last Friday (October 11th), MP for Poplar and Limehouse Jim Fitzpatrick commented: “As an ex-fire-fighter of 23 years I’ve seen some very serious accidents, so Ford Driving Skills for Life has my wholehearted support.

“Educating young drivers about the potential dangers they face as new road users, and more importantly, how to prevent accidents happening can only be a good thing.”

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