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Young drivers ‘need to understand the dangers of flooding’

Flooded routes represent a considerable hazard to all road users and this is something young drivers in particular need to be aware of.

Research published by the AA in partnership with the Environment Agency has shown this message might not be getting across to drivers though, as 54 per cent of vehicle owners state they would be willing to drive through waters as deep as 34 cm – more than one foot.

This is a particularly concerning statistic given the fact that fast-running flood waters of just 30 cm can cause a car to float.

According to the AA, the organisation rescued in excess of 9,000 road users from flooded roads last year, highlighting the considerable number of Brits who fail to heed these warnings.

Furthermore, the fact figures show 32 per cent of all flood-related fatalities are caused by individuals drowning in their vehicle means it is imperative road users do not attempt to traverse flooded areas when they do not know the depth of the water.

Darron Burness, head of the AA’s flood rescue team,┬ácommented: “Three-quarters of cars that get stuck are written-off as it only takes a tiny amount of ingested water to wreck the engine.

“You’re also putting yourself at risk as flood water can mask all manner of hazards. For example, open manholes and [the fact] just one foot or 30 cm of moving water can float your car.

“Moving flood water, particularly, is powerful, relentless and deceptively dangerous.”

Overall, the research showed men are more likely to attempt to drive through flooded areas than women, while it also revealed 680,000 licence holders across the UK would ignore ‘road closed’ signs to cut a few minutes off their journey.

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