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York restaurant staff stop drink driver

Restaurant workers in York alerted police to an individual they believed to be a drink driver and unfit to drive after a woman had a boozy lunch and then proceeded to drive away.

Staff at the unnamed eatery became concerned that 54-year-old Kathy Crofts might be over the limit to be in charge of a vehicle when she left the restaurant at around 15:00 last Thursday (February 13th), prompting them to contact the police, the Whitby Gazette reports.

Ms Crofts was pulled over by officers on a nearby road and following a breathalyser test it emerged she was more than three times over the legal limit, producing a score of 120 mg of alcohol in just 100 ml of breath. The limit in the UK is just 35 mg of alcohol.

It was the woman’s second arrest in just three days, as she had previously failed a roadside check with a result of 104 mg of alcohol.

Following this second offence, Ms Croft was remanded in custody overnight and appeared at Scarborough Magistrates’ Court on Friday, where she pleaded guilty to two counts of driving while over the limit.

She was sentenced to a 12-week prison sentence suspended for one year and disqualified from driving for four years as a result of her behaviour; highlighting the significant consequences that can come as a result of individuals failing to adhere to the UK’s strict drink-driving laws.

Individuals convicted of drinking and driving face serious sanctions, including fines, the loss of their licence and even jail, but after their debt to society has been repaid they can continue to suffer from inflated insurance costs as well.

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