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Winter tyre safety highlighted

Motorists keen to avoid getting involved in an accident due to a lack of grip when out on the roads this winter have been encouraged to invest in a set of winter tyres to improve their tyre safety.

Research carried out by vehicle maintenance company Kwik Fit has shown 68 per cent of drivers are unaware of the myriad benefits these items can provide when driving in adverse conditions.

Winter tyres are manufactured using specially-developed compounds that remain more flexible when faced with colder temperatures – most notably below seven degrees Celsius – to ensure they maintain better adherence to the road’s surface.

In addition, they feature a greater number and depth of sipes – the grooves on the tyre’s surface – allowing them to displace more water and snow from the road to ensure vehicles are less likely to skid or aquaplane when faced with rain or ice, something that will become increasingly likely over the coming months.

Roger Griggs, communications director at Kwik Fit, commented: “Customers who have had winter tyres fitted have told us that they would recommend them to their friends without exception, and the overwhelming majority say they would not want to drive in wintry conditions in the future without cold weather tyres on their car.”

He added that individuals keen to be prepared for the colder months should not wait until the snow starts to fall to invest in a set of winter tyres.

Young drivers in particular could benefit from the use of these items, as that extra level of grip and handling responsiveness when faced with heavy rain, snow and ice could make all the difference in helping them to avoid accidents.

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