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Using a local insurance broker

Insurance – whether for your home, car or business – is often quite a complicated matter, yet the financial stakes involved are big enough for you to want to get it right. For that reason, you may want the independent, impartial and professional advice which you are unlikely to find through the internet, but instead turn to your own local insurance broker.

It is professional advice that may come with the personal touch and the opportunity to develop a proper working relationship with a real individual, rather than the disembodied, anonymous voice you find at a busy call centre.

The provision of impartial advice is the broker’s number one aim and is given entirely with your own interests at heart. In the process, you may discover that some insurance products which might fit your particular, individual needs are available exclusively through an insurance broker.

Once you have arranged the insurance cover you require, you may rest assured that a local broker is going to be there to provide all the help, guidance and advice you might value if at some time you need to make an insurance claim.

As if all this was not enough, the highly professional services of an insurance broker come entirely free of charge – you pay nothing at all for all the broker’s expertise and experience.

Where to find one

According to the British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA), it has some 1,700 registered members spread around the entire country, so finding a local broker is unlikely to prove a problem.

If you live in the southeast of England and are looking for a local insurance broker, you might enjoy even more of the advantages we offer here at GSI Insurance. Consider, for example, some of our current offers and promotions:

  • whatever your insurance renewal or internet quote, we offer to beat it – unless we come up with a comparable policy for less, we give you a £20 voucher to spend as you wish on your local high street. All that we ask is that you live within a 25-mile radius of our offices here in Whitstable – that makes it Whitstable itself, Ashford, Canterbury, Herne Bay, Maidstone, the Medway Towns or anywhere else in the area;
  • your loyalty is important to us – so important, that if you choose to take out more than one policy with us, we give you an attractive discount on the price of the premiums you need to pay on the second policy (subject only to those premiums being above a certain minimum value);
  • not only do we like to keep the best for our local customers, but we are also reward your loyalty in making recommendations of our services to your friends and family. Both you and they may qualify for £25 discounts, therefore, if the individual you have recommended signs up for any insurance policy from us that meets a given minimum value;
  • if you are a working Civil Servant, or one who has retired, we also have access to a number of insurers offering special discounts.

There are decided benefits in using a local insurance broker to arrange the cover you need, therefore. If you are lucky enough to be living in Kent, we may be able to make it even more worth your while.


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