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Drink and drive – Avoid the temptation, advises the IAM

People up and down the country will be planning to enjoy the (hopefully) sunny months ahead by socialising with friends and family, while many will enjoy a drink or two at the same time. As a result, millions of Britons will face the temptation to drink and drive, then taking to the roads, but this a behaviour that can have serious a life-threatening consequences and is something that should always be avoided.

Indeed, the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has offered a range of sensible advice for anyone planning to have a drink this summer that will help to ensure they stay safe and do not become a menace on the roads by then turning to drink and drive.

According to the organisation, anyone who has had a drink should not attempt to calculate the number of units of alcohol they have consumed to see if they are under the legal limit.

This is a dangerous tactic, as everyone responds differently to alcohol and it can have a much greater effect on people than they believe. As a result, individuals who plan to drive should never touch a drop of alcohol and vice versa – if someone has had a drink, they should never get behind the wheel of a vehicle afterwards.

Moreover, summer revellers also should remember that measures poured at home will often be larger than those down the pub, so keeping track of alcohol intake can be even more difficult in these circumstances.

IAM chief examiner Peter Rodger stated: “The summer is a time of BBQs, jam-packed beer gardens and festivals. But the summer sees a rise in drink-drive casualties too. Enjoy yourself and leave the car at home if you plan to celebrate with a drink.”

Individuals who have fallen foul of the law in the past and who have been convicted of drinking and driving should be prepared for a premium price hike when it’s time to return to the roads.

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