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Subsidence costs impact Wrexham school build

A major overspend on the construction of Park County Primary School in Llay, Wrexham has been announced, with subsidence in the area one of the major reasons for the rising cost of the build.

Local publication the Daily Post reports the council has been stung with a ten per cent overspend on the project after a number of unforeseen issues arose during the building phase.

A council report revealed the bulk of the additional £300,000 needed to complete the project was spent on the foundations of the property due to poor ground conditions – an issue that was not fully realised until work on the school’s construction had begun.

An area of the property suffered subsidence after the bulk of the work had been completed at the site, meaning further remedial action was required to stabilise the ground before the school could be officially opened.

Other expenses highlighted in the report were the installation of additional CCTV coverage for the school, as well as the upgrade of lighting to the adjacent junior school and the setting up of a temporary canteen for infant pupils in phases two and three of the build.

Wrexham county councillor Malcolm Taylor told the news provider: “This couldn’t have happened at a worse time when we’re trying to find about £13 million savings in the next 12 months. It’s unfortunate, although it is a brilliant school.”

Subsidence is an issue that can affect any property and there are a number of early warning signs owners should look out for that something might be amiss, including new cracks developing in exterior brickwork, rippling effects in wallpaper that isn’t caused by damp and sticking doors and windows.

The costs of addressing this type of structural issue can run into the thousands of pounds, so taking out subsidence insurance cover should therefore be considered a priority for anyone in a high-risk area and here at GSI Insurance Services (Southern) Limited we aim to get property owners the best deals possible.

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