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Subsidence ‘almost scuppers hotel revamp’

An issue of subsidence almost put paid to plans for the renovation of an historic hotel in Leigh, Greater Manchester, but thankfully the problem has now been resolved and work is scheduled to get underway.

Local publication The Echo reports former reality TV star Mick Norcross has received approval for leasing rights to the grade II-listed Grand Hotel, which he now plans to invest up to £4.5 million into in order to bring the building back the standard of its 1970s heyday.

The project had been on the rocks, however, as the former The Only Way Is Essex star faced considerable difficulties in taking on the lease, not least of which was the issue of subsidence for the property.

Indeed, with the lease holder Spirit Group initially unwilling to lease the property to Mr Norcross because of these issues and a perceived lack of commitment to the project, it has taken considerable effort on his part to convince the local community he is the man for the job.

Town Council chairman Caroline Parker told the publication: “I’m over the moon as so many people were losing faith in him.

“I had great faith and confidence in him and I’m delighted it’s gone ahead and we can move the building forward into the 21st Century and restore it to its former glory of the ’60s and ’70s. I think Mr Norcross is the man to do that and put it firmly back on the map.”

Work on the renovation of the building will now get underway in the coming months, with the project expected to take approximately 18 months to complete.

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