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Roadworks to be lifted for Easter

Young drivers up and down the country will be happy to learn that the upcoming Easter bank holiday weekend could be free from the major headache of Easter roadworks in most parts of the UK.

The Highways Agency has announced it will be lifting or completing 70 per cent of the current road maintenance projects that are taking place across the UK, with more than 150 miles of roadworks to be finished ahead of the 06:00 BST deadline on April 18th.

Moreover, areas currently facing lane restrictions are to see these hold-ups removed in order to boost traffic flows, although the agency has stated any temporary speed limits that have been in effect over recent weeks will remain in force to safeguard motorists and other road users.

Overall, 98 per cent of the nation’s roads will be free from Easter roadworks, with the agency committing not to resume its activities until at least 00:01 BST on April 22nd.

Simon Sheldon-Wilson, director of traffic management at the Highways Agency, said: “We are investing record amounts in improvements on our network and recognise there will be disruption. That is why we plan our work to keep that disruption to a minimum and lift as many roadworks as possible at busy or peak times such as Easter.

“People will be able to travel more freely this weekend as more than 300 miles of road works are completed or suspended on ourĀ roads.”

He concluded that individuals taking to the roads over the coming days should plan their journeys in advance in order to ensure they have as smooth a journey as possible and don’t get held up by Easter roadworks.

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