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Road safety charity calls on businesses to run a Bright Day as the clocks go back

Independent road safety charity Brake and Autoglass have called on employers in the UK to run a Bright Day as the clocks go back to promote safer roads for pedestrians and cyclists.

According to the organisation, two pedestrians and cyclists are killed and 25 are seriously injured every day in the UK and the Bright Days campaign will raise awareness of how drivers can help prevent these tragedies from happening, all while raising funds to help Brake’s vital work educating and campaigning for road safety.

Essentially, Bright Days are dress down days with a difference. Employees dress in their brightest clothes in return for a small donation, highlighting the importance of drivers slowing down and looking out for pedestrians and cyclists.

The clocks are set to go back in Britain on Sunday October 27th and employers are being urged to plan their Bright Day to coincide with this time of year when it gets darker much earlier, bringing more risk to people on foot and bicycle.

These days are designed to be a fun and simple way to get an entire organisation talking about road safety. Brake offers guidance on promoting road safety messages as part of the event and will promote Bright Days to local media to raise awareness about road safety in wider communities.

Hundreds of organisations, schools and community groups ran a Bright Day last year, raising £18,000 to support Brake’s work.

For example, a Specsavers store in Bishop Stortford had a lot of fun dressing up brightly and passed on important safety messages to its customers throughout the day. They sold cupcakes and asked customers for donations in return for glasses repairs. They also challenged passers-by to read a number plate placed 20.5m away, highlighting the need for drivers to get their eyes tested regularly to ensure they are road-safe.

Julie Townsend, deputy chief executive at Brake, said: “Bright Days are a fun, simple way for workplaces to promote vital road safety messages to employees and the wider community while raising funds for Brake. Now is the time to plan a Bright Day for when the clocks go back.”

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