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Ripon property impacted by subsidence

The deluge of rain that has saturated many parts of the UK over recent weeks has begun to take its toll on many properties, but perhaps none moreso than a home in Ripon which has been effectively torn in two through subsidence.

A property on Magdelens Close in Ripon, North Yorkshire has been subject to significant stresses over recent days after a sinkhole measuring 25 feet in diameter opened up beneath it on Monday (February 17th) evening.

Firefighters attended the scene to attempt to stabilise the building, while local police have cordoned off the area over ongoing safety fears.

Stuart Martin, a local councillor on Harrogate Borough Council, told the Northern Echo: “I’m a little bit shocked by what’s happened. Surprised? Perhaps not, because there is a history in Ripon of gypsum dissolution. Whether this is actually down to gypsum, I don’t know. I think it’s too early to say, but I suspect it is.”

He added that whatever the reason, it does not take away from the obvious heartache and worry this has caused the residents not just of the property affected, but also neighbours who now have to face up to the fact this could easily, and still could, have happened to them.

Indeed, the British Geological Society has warned Ripon sits in one of the most at-risk areas of the UK for subsidence and the formation of sinkholes, as the region’s gypsum-rich grounds are more susceptible to dissolution.

This is the latest in a number of cases of sinkholes striking properties across the country over recent weeks and with ongoing heavy rains and saturated ground it may not be the last.

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