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Record points tally for Liverpool driver

A driver from Liverpool has been able to build up a record points tally on his licence without being taken off the roads, a freedom of information request from the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) to the DVLA has revealed.

A man based in Merseyside was able to build up a points tally of 45 points on his licence between October 1st 2012 and June 20th 2013 after his vehicle was caught speeding on three occasions, while the individual also failed to disclose the identity of the driver a further five times, bringing his total tally of offences to eight.

IAM chief executive Simon Best said: “Last September, the IAM highlighted a driver with 42 points on their licence and we were told that more would be done to address the issue. Incredibly, we now have someone driving with 45 points.

“DVLA must rapidly overhaul their systems and working relationships with the courts to ensure that the whole principle of 12 points and you are off the road is not undermined.”

He added drivers need to be assured that speeding and driving without insurance will not go unpunished and therefore action is needed to make the process of prosecution that much swifter and efficient.

Other notable offenders over recent years include a man from Warrington who was able to build up 36 points over a two-week period following six offences for driving without insurance in February and March 2012.

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