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Performance Car Insurance

GSI Insurance has developed a specialist Performance Car Insurance Scheme with a group of carefully selected Performance Car Underwriters. The Scheme offers very competitve premium rates and excellent policy cover to match.

We also have a knowledgeable team of staff who are experienced in insuring Performance Cars.

Performance Car Insurance

Performance Car Insurance

Did you know that there are as many as 50 different insurance classes into which motor cars fall for insurance purposes? Those in the upper range of this classification may typically be described as high performance cars.

Nevertheless, as the sheer number of insurance classes suggests, there is a huge range of cars that might be described as high performance. One thing that high performance cars might share, however, is the generally high cost of insurance.

Suitability and price

Here at GSI Insurance, we aim to address these twin features that normally mark out the question of motor cover for high performance vehicles: our recognition that there is a wide range of different high performance cars, each likely to qualify for a differentiated approach when it comes to their insurance; and a commitment to keeping premiums for high performance cars within reasonable, affordable bounds.

The product

Other insurers may take the view that a high performance car is likely to face such expensive claims for repair of damage that premiums need to be set at an especially high price. We take a different view – your choice to drive this type of car does not necessarily need to attract outrageously priced insurance premiums, but rather those that the average driver of a high performance vehicle might consider good value for money.

Measuring the risk

This means that it is still important to take a view on the risks likely to be associated in insuring a high performance car. The following are likely to be some of the determining factors:

The make and model of the vehicle is clearly important in terms not only of performance but also in the likely cost of parts and replacements in the event of any claim;
making such a calculation is likely to be done more accurately by a specialist insurance provider and the more realistic the calculation, the better your chance of receiving cover that represents good value for money;
As important as the make and model of the car is likely to be the mileage you intend to cover in it – this is down to the simple fact that the longer the vehicle is going to be on the road, the more likely it is to run the risk of loss or damage;
There is probably very little you may do about it after the event, but the fact remains that any insurer may be expected to take your previous driving history into account when calculating the future risk – rightly or wrongly, previous motoring offences or past insurance claims are typically considered to make you a greater risk in the future;
With an eye on that future, therefore, you might want to do everything within your power to keep your driving record as clean as possible;
Further mitigation of any risk is likely to be demonstrated by the security arrangements you make for the car – one that is likely to attract more than its fair share of the wrong kind of attention;
Intruder alarms, immobilisation devices and your ability to park the vehicle off-street (and preferably in a secure garage) may all help to demonstrate your commitment to maintaining security – and enjoying reduced insurance premiums in return;
One of the classic ways of demonstrating your commitment to sharing the risks to which your car is exposed, of course, is by shouldering a voluntary excess in addition to any compulsory excess already imposed by the insurer – the excess is effectively an uninsured risk and one for which you remain financially responsible;
In the case of a high performance car, the compulsory excess may already appear higher than normal, but this need not be a barrier to your accepting a further voluntary excess – provided, of course, that you are going to be able to afford the total amount of the combined compulsory and voluntary excesses in the event of a claim.
With a specialist insurance provider such as us at GSI Insurance, you may find greater freedom in exercising your choice to drive a high performance car. We have the experience and expertise to assess the risks of providing cover for your particular make and model of vehicle. Having made a realistic assessment of those risks, we aim to offer you cover at a cost-attractive rate.

Our knowledgeable staff have years of experience of insuring hot hatch and performance cars and the kind of drivers who buy them.

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