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Thatch Insurance

Thatched properties have a number of unique features that a majority of household insurers are unwilling or unable to cover. GSI Insurance Services (Southern) Ltd. have negotiated specialist schemes with the companies that can, ensuring you get the lowest possible rate, but with all of the cover that you require.

Thatch Insurance

Thatch Insurance

As a specialist non-standard insurance provider, we understand the additional risks and requirements that go along with obtaining thatch insurance. We can arrange a policy that will give you all the cover that your unique property deserves, and we will make sure you have a clear and full understanding of the requirements an insurer is inevitably going to request on a thatch property.

Most insurers will choose to avoid offering thatch insurance due to the increased cost in obtaining the materials and the skills required to replace a thatched roof, along with the size of the claims in the unfortunate event of a fire taking place. With a limited number of providers on the market, obtaining a competitive thatch insurance rate can be difficult. Our experienced staff can do the hard work for you, saving the yearly struggle of obtaining new rates.

We have deliberately tried to reduce our question set, so you’re not having to fill in four or five pages of A4 about your property before quotes can be obtained, and we work with providers who are thorough, without making the process particuarly long and arduous.

All of our policies can come with our great range of competitively priced extras, including Home Emergency cover and Legal Protection. We take pride in valuing our customers, and can offer extensive second policy discounts if you choose to bring other policies to us in the future, either for your motor insurance, or if you have other properties elsewhere.

Please note – If you use the chimney at your property, and the height of the chimney is less than 1.8m above the thatch, we are currently unable to accommodate you.

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