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What does home insurance come with as standard?

While every home insurance policy is different, and we recommend reading every policy carefully to ensure it meets your needs, there are some covers that you can expect will be standard on most policies.

What does home insurance come with as standard?

What does home insurance come with as standard?

*Please note that we have not checked every policy in the market, and some of the details below may not apply in every eventuality. We recommend reading all of your policy information carefully to ensure the cover is correct for your individual requirements*

Accidental Damage

With the exception of a very basic policy, most include some form of accidental damage. The standard level of cover is outlined in the buildings section of the policy, and is included for free. The extended level of accidental damage carries an additional premium, and will be shown in a section usually titled “optional add-ons” or “optional covers”. This allows you to compare and select the cover most suited to your needs.

Alternative Accommodation

Accommodation for you, your family, and your household pets if your home cannot be lived in following a claim

Contents Temporarily Removed

Cover for a short period of time while your contents are taken away from home. It is usually limited to while the items are kept in a locked building only. This can include contents in student accommodation, or this may fall into a seperate student contents section. The amount of cover, timeframe, and where the items are covered varies from policy to policy.

Damage caused by emergency services

The cost of damage to your home caused by emergency services while getting into your home to deal with an emergency. This usually refers to windows or doors that have to be broken, as well as flowerbeds, hedges, trees and lawns in your garden.

Employers Liability

Cover for domestic staff that work in or around your home, such as a nanny, cleaner, or gardener.

Frozen Food

Damage to food in your fridge or freezer as a result of contamination by the chemicals inside, or a rise or fall in temperature.

Loss of metered water or oil

The cost of oil accidentally lost from the property’s heating system, or metered water.

Professional Fees & Costs

Legal fees, as well as fees to architects and surveyors incurred in the process of repairing or rebuilding your property. It also includes the cost of clearing debris, clearing drains or taking down part of the building if necessary.

Property Owners Liability

Amounts that you or your family are legally obliged to pay following an accident that results in damage to a third party person or property.

Replacement locks and keys

The cost of replacing and installing locks if your keys are lost or stolen away from home. This can also apply if your keys are damaged inside the home in connection with another insured event.

Special/Religious events

An increase in the maximum claim limit in the policy in a given time period in the run-up to a wedding, birthday, or relgious ceremony. This usually covers while at your home, at the venue where the event is being held, and in transit between the two.

Underground pipes and cables

The cost of repairing cables, underground pipes, drains and tanks serving the home if accidentally broken

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