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Home Emergency and Legal Protection

As with motor insurance, there is a range of add-ons available to run alongside home insurance policies.

Home Emergency and Legal Protection

Home Emergency and Legal Protection

These products are usually offered as add-ons rather than bundled into policies so that clients aren’t having to pay extra on their premium for something they will never use.

Here is a brief overview of two of the main add-ons you can choose.

Home Emergency

Cover for labour and parts in the event of an emergency that may leave your home or your family at risk. Cover tends to be around £500-1,000 per incident, but can vary from case to case.

Cover will often include areas such as plumbing and drainage, electricity, gas and water supplies, securing your home, lost keys, your primary heating system or pest infestation.

Some policies may not provide cover for boilers that are over a certain age,  and/or not been maintained annually, so it is worth double-checking your policy to make sure you meet the requirements to be elegible.

It is worth remembering that the product is designed for emergencies only. For example if a sink tap is leaking in your bathroom, home emergency is designed to stop the leak to prevent damage. If you have access to other sinks in your property, they will not replace the tap, leaving you to arrange the repair privately.

Legal Protection

Cover for legal expenses in respect of personal injury, consumer, home rights, taxation, and employment disputes, along with access to a legal advice helpline. Cover varies, but you can expect to £50,000 or £100,000 per single incident as a minimum.

Seeking expert legal advice can be very costly, meaning that even if you win your case, you could end up out of pocket in the end. Legal protection gives you the flexibility to fight your corner.

GSI Insurance Services (Southern) Ltd have a range of add-ons available, not just the two above. With competitive prices negotiated and high levels of cover available, we have a range of options to build something specific for you and your needs.

Give us a call on 0800 612 9376 or click ‘Get a Quote’ to complete our online form to discuss your requirements. We have a full catalogue of household add-ons available to put together the perfect package for you.

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