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Public Liability

Many businesses today come into contact with members of the public. If your business is responsible for injuring a member of the public, Public Liability Insurance would cover your business for any costs incurred.

Public Liability

Public Liability

These costs may vary between injury compensation payouts, damage to property or any legal expenses incurred in defending the case. It can also include products liability, covering for any loss or injury as a result of something that you have sold or supplied. They can also extend to cover stock, tools, any plant machinery that you hire in or own, and personal accident cover for if you or your employees happen to be injured on site.

Remember anyone working for you could expose you to a public liability claim against your business, if whilst working for you they injure a member of the public or damage their property.

Public liability insurance can either be very basic, covering you for damage or injury to the public only, or can be built up into a package covering a number of aspects of your business all on one policy, which is not only convenient, but potentially more cost-effective than arranging several policies to cover the multiple aspects. As your business may change and develop over the course of the year, you can often add or take away sections as necessary to make sure that you are only paying for what you need at any one particular time.

At GSI Insurance Services (Southern) Ltd we have access to a wide panel of public liability insurance providers. We search our panel for you saving you time and providing you with our cheapest possible price.

We can offer a wide variety of Public Liability Polices that can cover a varied range of trades and professions:

  • Up to 10 million to cover claimants damages and costs
  • Tools and Equipment £10,000 per worker
  • Business Stock £5,000
  • Own Plant £50,000
  • Hired In Plant £20,000 any one item
  • Contract Works £500,000
  • Money in transit or £5,000
  • Money in private dwellings £1,500
  • Personal Accident Capital Benefits £10,000
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