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Fleet Insurance

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Fleet Insurance

Fleet Insurance

At GSI Insurance Services (Southern) Ltd we specialise in all types of Fleet Insurance.

While on the face of it, insuring a fleet of vehicles individually may work out as a little more cost-effective, it is far more difficult to manage, and gives you far less flexibility as well. If you have a number of drivers and a number of vehicles, it is sometimes more worthwhile knowing that in a pinch, any of your drivers could jump in any vehicle in an emergency, without having to try and get hold of an insurer, and at the very least have administration fees to pay in the transaction.

Insuring your vehicles under a fleet policy can have a number of benefits:

  • All types of vehicle under one policy, with a potential cost saving as opposed to insuring them separately
  • Cover for fleets of 3 or more vehicles
  • Only one renewal date for all of your vehicles
  • Any driver policies available
  • Payment over instalments

As stated above, fleet insurance can usually accomodate cars and vans on one policy, eliminating any confusion about whether no claims discount earned on a car can be used on a van, and vice versa. Also, any no claims discount that has been accumulated on individual policies can be considered to give a cost reduction if you’re arranging fleet insurance for the very first time.

Having a fleet insurance in place is always convenient for a growing business. Adding employees and vehicles across the fleet can often be arranged within a single phone call, allowing your policy to grow with you conveniently, rather than being one more issue you have to sort out while you get your new hires up to speed, or your vehicles out on the road.

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