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Households urged to prepare for storm and flood damage

Taking preventative steps could help to minimise storm and flood damage, experts have stated.

According to MoneySupermarket, there are many precautions people can take to reduce the chances of their property being seriously harmed by adverse weather.

For example, it noted that making sure drains and guttering are not clogged up with debris and leaves can be useful, along with checking the roof for loose tiles.

Households were also encouraged to keep a watchful eye on “potential problem areas”, such as flat roofs and conservatories, so they can be confident they are in a good condition, with water draining freely rather than building up on a surface.

In addition, the organisation suggested that garden furniture be put away if bad weather has been forecast, as loose items outdoors might cause damage if they are lifted by a strong wind.

MoneySupermarket said these preventative steps can do more than reduce the amount of storm and flood damage a home suffers, as they could also keep the size of any home insurance claims at a minimum.

This might in turn mean their insurer sees policyholders as less of a risk and therefore offer them lower insurance premiums.

Hannah Jones, home insurance specialist at MoneySupermarket, commented: “Home insurance is designed to protect your property and possessions and provides peace of mind should an event occur which requires you to make a claim.

“However, no-one wants to pay more than they have to for their insurance.”

Ms Jones acknowledged that accidents are always going to happen, while some events are beyond people’s control.

However, she said a look at the most common causes of home insurance claims shows that lots of “small and sensible measures” can be taken to “reduce risk and avoid having to make a claim”.

She added that people who fail to take preventative measures might see their insurance premiums go up the following year, as well as be required to pay an excess depending on the nature of any claims they have made.

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