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Overconfidence ‘an issue for young drivers’

Many young drivers suffer from overconfidence after passing their test and this element of bravado behind the wheel can lead to problems.

New research published by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has revealed 71 per cent of young drivers – those aged 17 to 25 – believe their skills are better than the average vehicle owner, despite the fact this group is 2.5 times more likely to be involved in an accident.

It is a dangerous mix of inexperience and overconfidence that places this group in real danger and therefore IAM is urging the government to take action to improve the skills of young motorists and to improve road safety across the board in the UK.

Overall, the organisation’s research showed that while just eight per cent of drivers in the UK are aged under 25, they account for 22 per cent of drivers involved in serious injury and fatal crashes.

In addition, almost one-quarter of motorists killed in road traffic accidents in 2012 (113 of 542 fatalities) were from this group.

IAM chief executive Simon Best commented: “Our whole system of learning to drive must be overhauled to provide safe exposure to a wider range of traffic situations, but also the chance to discuss attitudes and risks.

“New drivers feel invulnerable and it is the job of government, training providers, insurers, charities and parents and carers to ensure they have the best training to reduce risk to themselves and others.”

He added that the publication of a new green paper into improving the skills of learner and newly-qualified motorists is now eagerly anticipated and must put forward new solutions to this burning issue if countless lives are to be saved over the years ahead.

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