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North-east homes flooded in Hartlepool

Homes in Hartlepool in the north-east of England have been hit by heavy rainfall in recent days, with some localised flooding causing considerable damage for a number of property owners in the area.

Local publication the Hartlepool Mail reports flooding was witnessed in Redcar from around 15:00 BST on Friday (September 6th) after a prolonged period of heavy rain that hit across the region.

Indeed, the rain and rising water was so intense that at least two cars in the area were swept away, with the Royal National Lifeboat Institution in Redcar alerted to the incident over fears they may have occupants inside and be swept out to sea. Thankfully, this was not the case however.

A spokesperson for the local fire brigade told the publication: “Around 200 … calls came within the three hour period between 18:00 and 21:00.

“We affected the rescue of at least 20 people in over ten different locations where life was considered to be in danger or imminent danger from rising flood water.

“This included rescues from houses and vehicles, and in some cases involved the brigade rescue boat.”

It should be viewed as a stark reminder of the swiftness with which flooding can hit an area, as just 24 hours later the weather was sunny and dry. However, during the period of flooding, measurements carried out by the RNLI of more than eight mm of rainfall per hour were recorded.

Individuals worried about the prospect of their property being damaged in floods should remember the importance of taking out comprehensive cover against this type of hazard.

GSI Insurance Services (Southern) Limited provides insurance for flood risk areas┬áthat can give peace of mind to individuals that in the event of heavy rain or flooding from some other source – a burst pipe or water main for example – then they will have the financial backing to carry out any necessary repairs or to replace their belongings damaged in the incident.

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