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Motorists support tougher penalties

New research from road safety charity Brake has highlighted the growing consensus for tougher penalties to be handed out to motorists who cause death by dangerous driving.

According to the group’s findings, 82 per cent of UK adults support calls for increased sentences for individuals who cause a fatality as a result of dangerous driving, while 95 per cent believe sentences should be tougher for those who flee the scene of an accident.

Dangerous driving is one of the nation’s deadliest behaviours and it has therefore been a key area of debate among MPs and the public over recent months.

Indeed, the Ministry of Justice is currently undertaking a review of sentences for those who break the law in this area, while this will be followed by a review from the Sentencing Council into its recommendations for judges.

Julie Townsend, deputy chief executive for Brake, said: “We want the government to acknowledge how inadequate current charges and penalties are and take action to prevent traumatised families suffering further insult.

“Denying justice to victims’ families often has a terrible impact on their ability to rebuild and move forward with their lives.”

Indeed, figures highlighted in the report show that at present just 62 per cent of individuals who kill someone through risky driving are jailed, while just nine per cent receive a sentence of five years or more in prison.

It is hoped that a stronger focus and tougher penalties for those who flout the law in this manner will serve to act as a stronger deterrent for such behaviour in the future, with Brake arguing that action is needed sooner rather than later on this sensitive issue.

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