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Looking for Insurance in Kent?

It is refreshing, in these days when an increasing number of purchases are made through the impersonal and distant anonymity of the internet, to discover that some products and services may still be bought locally and tailored especially to the area in which you live. If you are looking for insurance in Kent, for instance, here at GSI Insurance we are able to offer that service with a decidedly local approach – whilst still maintaining ready ease of access to our customers through direct line telephone services, fax and email. or through our website.

Why use a local broker?

With access to any number of insurance companies and a whole range of different policies online, you might wonder why it is necessary to use a local insurance broker.

Your search for the cover you need might indeed be done through your own searches, but you might find the sheer range of choice overwhelming and be left wondering whether you chose the most appropriate cover for your particular needs – at the most competitive market price.

At GSI Insurance, we have the expertise and experience to do that searching on your behalf and to come up with quotes that are tailored to your individual needs, at an attractive price.

If you are looking for insurance in kent from a local broker, therefore, you may rest assured that we deliver the service described by the British Insurance Brokers’ Association as one that serves in your interests as a particular agent.

More at GSI Insurance

But you stand to benefit from more than just your own personal insurance agent. Consider, for example, some of the promotions and special offers we currently make available to our local customers:

  • if you are over 21 years of age and live within a 25-mile radius of our offices here in Whitstable, we are able to match the price of any comparable motor insurance policy you may elsewhere – even one that you might have found through a comparison website or your own search of the internet;
  • but we arrange more than just motor insurance. If you want to add a further vehicle or arrange household, business or another kind of general insurance, we offer an attractive discount on the cost of any additional policy you take out (provided the new premiums are £150 or more each year);
  • similar discounts (subject to the same minimum cost of the premiums) are available if you choose to refer a friend or member of your family who arranges their insurance policy or policies with us; and
  • if you are currently employed in the Civil Service, or are a retired Civil Servant, we are again able to tap into some attractive specialist discounts offered by our partner insurers to such employees.

If you are shopping for insurance in Kent, therefore, you might want to enjoy the benefits of having your own personal agent, working entirely on your behalf to secure the cover you need at a competitive price. If you then ever need to make a claim on your insurance, we are here on the end of the ‘phone to offer all the help and assistance you need.

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