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London youngsters invited to improve road safety

Road safety is one of the most important issues all drivers need to be aware of and in London Brake is launching a range of training courses to instil this ethos in the next generation of road users.

As part of the organisation’s ongoing 2young2die programme, Brake is providing expert guidance and tuition to young people, many of whom will be too young to drive right now, but Brake hopes it can encourage a stronger message of road safety for youngsters before they take to the roads.

All those taking part in the scheme will be educated in the six essential steps Brake believes can help to deliver a safer driver.

These are a focus on speed and keeping inside prescribed limits, being sober and steering clear of all substances – including drink and drugs – that can impair an individual’s ability to drive safely, being sharp and focused behind the wheel, avoiding distractions such as mobile phones, being belted up and secure at all times and finally, being a responsible and sustainable road user and only driving when required.

Available to young people aged from 11 to 25, the courses are to be held on April 17th and aim to highlight the vital message of road safety to as many people as possible.

Attendees will take part in a range of seminars and discussions on road safety and will also be able to request a pack of 2young2die resources that they can then use to educate their friends and further spread the message of the initiative to a wider audience.

They will also be given access to a number of online resources they can access to build their knowledge of safer driving and its importance to the UK as a whole.

Dave Nichols, professional engagement officer at Brake, commented: “Road crashes are the biggest cause of disability and death among young people. It is vital that we reach young people, whether or not they are drivers themselves, before it’s too late.

“This course provides tools to help trainers to make a real impact and end the carnage; I urge anyone who wants to act to keep young people safe to attend.”

According to figures published by Brake, there are five deaths and 66 serious injuries on the UK’s roads every day.

It is therefore imperative that more people – and especially young motorists – are made aware of their responsibilities when out on the roads, as driving a car is one of the most dangerous activities any person will take part in during their life.

Support of the scheme Crispin Moger commented: “Education is a key part of improved safety on our roads.”

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