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Leeds residents consulted on flood risk management plans

Residents in Leeds are being encouraged to take part in a consultation on future flood defence improvements in their area.

Set to take place as part of the Leeds Flood Risk Management Strategy, the consultation will examine responses for all those wishing to have a say in proposals for improving flood protection across the city and its surrounding boroughs.

The discussion will influence future plans for the local authority as it looks to partner with bodies including the Environment Agency, Yorkshire Water Services, the Canal & River Trust and the Highways Agency on how best to move forward.

This approach to flood risk strategy forms part of a national programme of consultations that are to be taken out by every council in flood-risk areas every six years, meaning the next time individuals in the area will have a chance to have their say on proposals will be in April 2018 – it follows a preliminary assessment carried out by the authority in September 2011.

Flooding in Leeds has become a major issue over recent years, with surface water run-off, rain and sewer systems all being assessed as part of the consultation, which will be running until the end of October.

An online questionnaire has been produced by the local authority for those keen to have their say on the issue, while it can also be accessed via all one-stop centres and council-managed libraries in the city.

It aims to clarify the plans of the council in terms of making clear to residents who is responsible for their flood risk management services, as well as those areas of the city that are most at risk from flooding.

Funding plans for improvements are set out as part of the document, while also revealing the priority levels of strategies for flood prevention. These include removing the existing weirs at Crown Point in the city centre and at Knostrop Cut, as well as constructing new low embankments, terracing and riverside walls throughout the area.

Councillor Richard Lewis, executive member for economy and development at Leeds City Council, said: “As part of the strategy for Leeds on trying to protect against the risk of flooding, it is really important that as many people as possible take part in the consultation and let us know their thoughts.

“We need to get this right as it will not be up for review again until 2018 so I would encourage people from all over the city to get involved.”

It is not just Leeds where the issue of flood risk management is being raised across the UK at present, with many communities labouring under the spectre of potential flooding.

The problem is one that can cause thousands of pounds-worth of damage to property, leaving home and business owners considerably out of pocket if they do not have comprehensive flood insurance in place.

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