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IAM responds to young driver penalty points

Young driver attitudes need to change in the UK to promote safer roads for all, the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has argued.

According to data published by the DVLA, there are currently more than 38,000 male motorists aged 20 and under who have six points on their driving licence, while there are also almost 10,000 female drivers in the same age bracket also in this position.

As a result, the IAM has stated changes need to be implemented to the way in which new motorists are trained, as doing so could reduce the number of accidents on the UK’s roads.

Overall, young motorists were shown to be involved in one-fifth of all accidents that resulted either in death or serious injury in 2012. This is despite the fact this group makes up only eight per cent of all road users.

In addition, the data showed that younger vehicle owners drive on average just half the amount of mileage as their older counterparts.

IAM chief executive Simon Best said: “Such high numbers committing a wide range of offences demonstrates the inability of our current system to deal with the attitudes and lack of experience which put new drivers at such high risk on the roads today.”

He added the Green Paper that is currently being worked on by the government to address these concerns must look into the measures that can be employed to reduce the risk of these individuals becoming involved in accidents.

Recent suggestions to achieve this goal include limitations on the number of passengers young drivers are allowed to carry in their vehicle, as well as placing curfews on the times of day at which they can take to the roads.

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