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Homes in London hit by flooding

Up to 50 homes and businesses in south London have been struck by flash flooding following a burst water main in Herne Hill.

The incident is believed to have got underway at approximately 05:00 BST this morning (August 8th), with properties on Half Moon Lane, Dulwich Road and Milkwood Road worst affected.

A depth of up to one metre of flood waters remain in some parts of the centre of Herne Hill, with many vehicles in the area half submerged in the deluge.

Spokesperson for London Fire Brigade Bruce Grain said: “Our crews are well equipped to deal with floods and we have lots of specialist skills and equipment used at the scenes of incidents like this one.

“The most important thing for us is making sure that people are safe, so people who live in the affected street are being advised to stay in their homes until the water is cleared.”

The fire services have now determined the source of the flood waters and have isolated the mains supply, allowing the water to begin receding. Once this process is complete, crews will begin the laborious process of aiding building owners in removing flood waters from their property.

It is expected to have caused thousands of pounds-worth of damage to those buildings unlucky enough to have been caught in the incident.

While a burst water main cannot be legislated for by property owners, taking out comprehensive insurance in flood risk areas should be par for the course for those whose home may be at risk.

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