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Holiday home insurance – What does it cover?

For many of us, owning our own holiday home is a dream – and one that just might be achievable. It’s important to make sure that your holiday home insurance is appropriate to protect it.

The holiday home

Typically, a holiday home is a residence we’ll use for a few weeks or perhaps months each year. It isn’t our formal place of domicile.

In terms of the bricks and mortar, it doesn’t have to be a specific type as such. It could be a flat, chalet, cottage, house (terraced or detached) or a studio attic. What’s important is that it’s somewhere you’ll retreat to in order to enjoy those holidays away from home!

Whatever type of property it is, it probably represents a very substantial investment. You’ll therefore probably be very keen to ensure it’s protected through appropriate holiday home insurance.

Some variations

However, we all sometimes use the term “holiday home” a little generally, perhaps to include situations such as:

  • static caravans;
  • park homes;
  • caravans; etc.

Not to worry! Here at GSI Insurance we can provide you with cover for all of the above types of accommodation.

Cover provisions

Typically, holiday home insurance covers:

  • the structure of your property – this is often referred to as “buildings cover”. It offers financial support in the event that your accommodation is damaged or destroyed by perils such as fire or flood etc.;
  • your contents;
  • third party liability – that’s just in case a third party is injured as a result of your property and sues you for compensation.

Other components of cover may be included as required.

Things typically not covered

Insurance typically can provide cover for almost any set of circumstances but in terms of standard holiday home insurance, you should be aware that it typically won’t cover situations such as:

  • your use of your holiday home as a permanent residence. It’s worth noting that in some situations, possibly including chalets, static caravans, flats within a larger building and parked-up touring caravans, the site owners may specifically exclude full-time residence too;
  • letting your holiday home to holidaymakers (or anyone else) on a commercial basis. Policies might typically cover guests or allowing family and friends to use your accommodation while you’re not there but if it is a commercial transaction and rent is being paid, then technically you’ve become a landlord and different specific insurance might be required;
  • running a business from the property. That typically won’t be an issue if you’re doing a little work on a PC but once you start to use the property as a registered business address, your insurance requirements might change.

In situations such as those above, cover might typically be readily available and we can assist. However, it is important to bring such situations to the attention of your policy provider in advance otherwise you might put elements of your cover at risk.


It’s important to protect your holiday home – just as you would your permanent residence.

Whatever the nature of your recreational property, we will typically be able to assist through the provision of cost-effective holiday home insurance.

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