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High performance car insurance

If you have a passion for cars the objects of your attention are likely to those that are high performance, what might be regarded as prestige vehicles or those that have been modified in some way to enhance their appearance and performance.

“Don’t dream it, drive it” says one of the UK’s leading retailers of high performance, sports and luxury vehicles.

That is all very well, of course, until you come to insure your pride and enjoy, only to find that you have to pay a very high price for the necessary cover – if you are able to find an insurer prepared to offer a policy on performance car insurance at all.

The reasons

The reasons are largely down to the very different approach to motor cars likely to be taken by you and your performance car insurance provider:

  • you are likely to be attracted to the high performance, sports or prestige vehicle because it sets you apart – it is a vehicle that is distinctly out of the ordinary and not one of the crowd;
  • this is the very opposite of what most insurers regard as a good risk – they prefer a commonly mass produced vehicles or which there are hundreds of thousands of examples on which to base their valuation and an assessment of the likely playout required if the vehicle suffers loss or damage.

The answer

At GSI Insurance we believe that you deserve to be able to indulge your passion for the fast and the furious high performance vehicle, yet still find insurance that is price competitive and does not cost an arm and a leg.

How do we do that?

The answer lies in a two-pronged approach:

  • we bring our experience and expertise to bear in understanding you and the high performance car you want to drive and insure – we recognise some of the features that make some vehicles stand out from the crowd in terms of the performance they are able to achieve;
  • knowing just what it is you are likely to require in the way of motor insurance then allows us to tap into our inside and extensive knowledge of the insurance market to find just those policies that match your needs and requirements – and at a price you are likely to find especially competitive.

What it generally comes down to, of course, is a specialist knowledge not only of the very wide range and calibres of high performance cars, but of your car in particular, and the availability of competitively priced motor insurance policies likely to fit the bill.

Of course any high performance car insurance is going to be more expensive than the run of the mill – and you are unlikely to expect otherwise. If you have a particular eye on the cost of that cover, however, you might shoulder a greater proportion of the risks by agreeing to a higher voluntary excess in the event of a claim and earn a reduction in the price of your insurance premiums in return.

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