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High performance car insurance

No two drivers are likely to agree on a specific definition of a high performance car and what marks out one make or model from another as falling into this category. Performance car insurance is available to give you the right cover for your needs.

Whilst there may be some obvious pointers – such as engine size, speed and power to weight ratio – there is also an element of subjective judgement and personal preference. This may be one of the features that tends to turn heads and make the high performance car more eye-catching.

If drivers themselves are likely to be divided on the question of what makes a high performance car, insurers also make things pretty complicated:

  • there are many different classes of insurance currently in use – from standard production models to the highest performance examples; and
  • insurers themselves may disagree or adopt different criteria for classifying one vehicle rather than another as high performance.

Specialist insurers

This is one of the principal reasons for consulting a specialist provider of high performance car insurance – such as us here at GSI Insurance.

Unlike GQ magazine, perhaps, we are not going to be able to tell you how to drive your high performance car, but we are in a position to know just what marks yours out as being special. We are in a position to know your particular needs and the specifications of your car – however rare, unusual or valuable it might be.

Not only that, but we also have an extensive knowledge of and close familiarity with the various insurance products on the market that are most likely to match your particular needs and requirements – and all at a competitive price when it comes to the premiums you may need to pay.

Risk assessment

At the heart of this particular brand of motor insurance, of course, is the assessment of risks likely to be associated with a high performance vehicle. Risks such as:

  • the performance, make and model of the car, but just as importantly, the likely cost of repairs and replacement parts if it does suffer and loss or damage;
  • high performance or otherwise, insurers tend to respect careful drivers, so your own attitude and skill in driving a car is likely to be taken into account – with those possessing a clean licence and claim-free record more likely to be rewarded with lower premiums;
  • it may not only be a question of how you are likely to drive your car, but also how often you are going to be driving it – if time on the road increases the risk, for instance, then you might enjoy a discount on your premiums if you restrict annual mileage;
  • you may find that many insurers opt to minimise their risk by imposing a higher than usual compulsory excess – nevertheless, you might still want to consider the possibility of taking on a further voluntary excess in return for lower premiums;
  • the more you are able to demonstrate concern for the overall security of your car, the better most insurers are going to like it – show your awareness of the special value of a high performance car, for instance, by fitting immobilisation devices, burglar alarms and by providing secure garaging (or off-street parking at the very least.

If you are the proud owner of a high performance car, you are probably aware that your vehicle is a cut above the run of the mill. In a class that might be very nearly its own, therefore, you are likely to be in search of insurance that recognises how special your car is – but without charging you an arm and a leg for the privilege.

Here at GSI Insurance, we aim to do just that – match your needs to the performance car insurance available and deliver it at a price competitive rate.

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