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GSI Insurance launches Subsidence Insurance Guide

GSI Insurance Services (Southern) Ltd. have spent over three years endeavouring to become specialists in the field of Subsidence Insurance. In order to share the knowledge that we have collected during this time, we have a created a guide to help you make informed decisions, whether it be about a property you own already, or a potential new purchase. This is a great primer if you are new to the concept of insuring a property with previous subsidence, and everything that comes along with it, including the responsibilities, and the extra information you might want to know.

You can expect a summary of what subsidence is, what causes it, and the steps you can take to help reduce the chance of subsidence if you are in a high risk area. It will also help you spot the signs early in the unfortunate event that you may find your property suffering from subsidence damage. Finally, it will give you advice on how to obtain correct, comprehensive insurance when dealing with a property with subsidence history.

View the Subsidence Insurance Guide by clicking HERE

We have also produced a list of some of the more common questions asked in regards to subsidence insurance that you may also find useful. Visit the Subsidence Insurance FAQs by clicking HERE.

We realise that subsidence is a very confusing area for potential and current home owners. As specialists in the insurance market, we hope you find this useful. If you need any further information, or would like to see how much we can save you on insuring your property with subsidence, then please do not hesitate to contact us on our FREEPHONE number, 0800 612 9376. We have a number of discounts negotiated with insurers that are well placed to offer competitive subsidence insurance policies to meet your requirements.

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