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Government under pressure to tighten drink-driving laws

A teenager from West Yorkshire is putting pressure on the government to make the UK’s drink-driving laws even tougher.

Rebecca Still, 16, lost her brother when he was knocked down by a drink-driver more than three years ago.

The motorist admitted causing death by driving and went on to receive a four-year custodial sentence. However, he had been allowed to continue taking to the road after his arrest, much to the distress of the victim’s family.

Ms Still has therefore been campaigning for the law to be changed so that anyone who is awaiting trial for drink-driving charges receives an automatic ban.

A petition she set up has attracted approximately 13,000 signatories and she is now preparing to hand it in to Downing Street.

Greg Mulholland, the family’s local MP, has got behind the campaign and pledged to raise the issue in parliament.

Speaking to BBC News, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Justice commented: “The decision on whether to impose a driving ban while on bail is matter for the judiciary, they already have the necessary powers to do this.”

Ms Still’s efforts have already been commended by her mother Karen, who said the death of her son was “absolutely devastating” for the entire family.

“We all miss him terribly, including Rebecca, but we’re all determined his death won’t be in vain,” she stated.

“The campaign doesn’t end here. We want to know the government will get tough with drink-drivers.”

She added that her daughter has shown incredible determination and started the campaign all by herself from her bedroom.

This comes shortly after the government launched a multimedia campaign to remind people of the consequences of driving while under the influence of alcohol during the summer months.

Stephen Hammond, the road safety minister, described drink-driving as a “menace” and said motorists need to realise that if they take to the road while over the limit, they risk losing their licence, getting a criminal record and possibly going to jail.

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