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Local insurance could save you money

Local insurance is always worth considering – When you are shopping around and comparing quotes from national chains of the country’s major insurers, how often do you:

  • come across price-match promises – offers to match the price of any comparable home or motor insurance product on which you may also have obtained a quote?
  • how often are you offered a discount on the cost of the premiums based solely on the area of the country in which you happen to live?
  • are you offered a special discount simply because you already have an insurance policy with the same company?
  • are you offered a cash incentive for introducing a friend or relative to the insurer’s products? and
  • does the type of job you do have any bearing on the price you might be paying for your insurance?

These are all just some of the cost-saving advantages you are able to enjoy if you live in within a 25-mile radius of Whitstable and let us here at GSI Insurance act as your local broker in arranging some or all of your general insurance needs.

As the government sponsored Money Advice Service asserts, a local insurance broker is likely to be an expert in the market – across the whole range of products – and are often as not likely to find you better cover at a more competitive price.

Personal service

It may be more difficult to put a price on some of the benefits in using a local insurance broker.

The personal service, for instance, is something that may go a very long way in helping you first to identify just what it is you need from your insurance policy and then going on to match those very particular, individual needs and requirements to the specific products available in a huge market of competing offers.

This is the type of service offered by a local broker, who puts the personal relationship first and gives you a friendlier and more helpful alternative to the disembodied voice in a busy call centre or the depersonalised anonymity of the internet.

Money saving

A local broker works in your interests to secure the most appropriate and cost-effective deal for you. As insurers recognise the particular professionalism and expertise of a broker, some may offer policies at discounted premium rates via your broker – thus helping you, the customer, to save money.


It might be argued that the real test of any insurance policy comes when you need to make a claim.

That, too, is a lesson taken fully on board by a local insurance broker, who remains there at the end of a local telephone number to guide you through the process of making a claim.


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