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Flood defence scheme for Leominster to begin

The Environment Agency has announced it is to get underway on its Leominster Flood Alleviation Scheme at Osborne Place in Leominster, Herefordshire from October 1st to bolster their flood defence.

Expected to take approximately six weeks to complete – depending upon the weather – the project will see construction of a new flood defence wall along the north-east bank of the River Kenwater, running from 30 Osborne Place to the main A44 road bridge.

Additional works will also include the removal of trees, vegetation and other obstructions on the river-facing side of the flood wall, as this will reduce the likelihood of damage being caused to the structure over the coming years.

Flood walls have been effectively employed to hold back rising waters during periods of heavy rainfall and rising river levels in at-risk areas for flooding around the world.

The structure is primarily a vertical barrier that contains excess waters and allows them to disperse naturally away from areas where they could cause considerable damage. They are mainly used in areas where space for larger-scale flood protection is scarce, as is the case in Leominster.

Councillor Russell B Hamilton, Herefordshire Council cabinet member for environment, housing and planning, said: “I am pleased to see that essential maintenance is being undertaken by the Environment Agency in Leominster in order to ensure that flood protection measures in the area continue to provide the very best level of defence.”

A spokesperson for the Environment Agency added the primary aim of the scheme is to improve flood defences for the area and for this to be a success all local residents need to be fully informed of the work that is being undertaken over the coming weeks.

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