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Finding car insurance for young drivers

If you have ever tried to find insurance for a young driver, you are almost certain to have been alarmed by the cost of it or even to have discovered that some motor insurers are simply not interested in offering the cover.

The safety record

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has a ready explanation for the ever increasing cost of insuring younger drivers. Study after study, they say, go to show that young drivers have a disproportionately poor record when it comes to road traffic accidents and the insurance claims which follow.

According to a report in The Guardian newspaper (May 2015), statistics indicate that more than four passengers in cars driven by youngsters in the 17 to 19 year-old age group are killed every week in road accidents.

Improving the road safety of this age group, argues the ABI, may not only result in cheaper premiums for them but contribute to the overall safety of other road users too.

In the meantime

It goes without saying, however, that road safety statistics for younger drivers are going to improve only if those same younger drivers have the wherewithal to learn their craft, skills and experience behind the wheel.

Learning to drive is something of a rite of passage, but one which it is difficult to achieve if exceptionally high insurance premiums – or the lack of interest from many motor insurers – prevent youngsters from driving.

At GSI Insurance, therefore, we take the view that younger drivers – especially – need to be given a fair chance and the necessary backing to learn to drive. Only in this way might they become the safer drivers to be welcomed by all other road users. Giving younger drivers a fair chance, therefore, means finding them insurance cover which is competitively priced.

Some tips

Youngsters themselves may be able to help make themselves a more attractive proposition when it comes to insurance:

  • learning to drive is a step by step process that needs time – limiting the mileage you cover and the time you spend on the road might lower the risk in those early learning years;
  • choose your car carefully, remembering that higher performance vehicles are designed for more mature, more experienced drivers – and the insurance premiums are likely to put them well beyond your reach;
  • consider those motor policies which rely on the “black box” technology of telematics, enabling you to pay your insurance according to the way in which you drive and when you drive;
  • consider adding an older, more experienced driver to the insurance – this might typically lower the premiums you pay – but on no account fall into the trap of “fronting” the insurance by claiming that the older person is the principal driver.

You can read more with our Young Drivers Insurance Guide.

With a more sympathetic approach to young drivers wanting to learn the craft and with the intention of learning to drive safely, the current statistics underlining a generally poor driving record may be improved – avoiding tragic loss of young lives and contributing to an improved safety on the roads for everyone.



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