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Drink-drivers targeted in The Humber

Young drivers in The Humber are being urged to be more aware of the dangers posed after a night on the town to deal with an increase in the number of drink-drivers.

Safer Roads Humber has launched a new initiative entitled ‘The Morning After’, which aims to educate drivers on the impact of alcohol on their body the day after a heavy night out.

According to the organisation, many people drink excessive amounts on party nights out and can easily lose track of the amount of units they consume.

This can be a tricky situation the following day, however, as one unit of alcohol takes an hour to be burnt off by the body, meaning someone drinking three average-sized glasses of wine and stopping drinking at midnight would still have alcohol in their system some 13 hours later – 13:00 the following day.

Ruth Gore, spokesperson for Safer Roads Humber said: “Unfortunately, what many people don’t realise is the amount of alcohol that remains in the body through to the following day – and especially during the morning rush hour.

“This campaign tries to raise awareness [by helping people] to understand how much they’ve consumed and how long it will be before the alcohol is clear from their body.”

Chief inspector with Humberside Police Roger Mitchell added the summer should be a great time to celebrate and having a drink on a night out is perfectly fine, but drivers should remember the impact this can have on their ability to drive safely the following morning.

Anyone who has found themselves on the wrong side of the law and who has been subject to a ban as a result of being convicted as drink-drivers can often find it difficult and expensive to receive cover after their licence is reinstated.

However, this is where GSI Insurance Services (Southern) Limited can come into play, as the company offers convicted driver car insurance that can help to ensure those who have received drink-driving bans in the past can come back to the roads once they are legally allowed to do so.

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