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Do you need a specialist car insurance policy?

If there is one thing likely to take the edge off your finally owning the car of your dreams it is the need to insure it. The law demands a certain basic level of cover, of course, but you are almost certain to want more comprehensive insurance for an expensive vehicle. And that is where things start to get costly as you enter the specialist car insurance market.


In order to understand why your special car might be expensive to insure, it might be helpful to remember what is most likely to put insurers at their ease:

  • a known quantity – a mass produced vehicle, of which there are plenty of examples, so that accurate assessments of risk may be determined;
  • in the event of loss or damage to the car, replacement or repair costs that are within known bounds; and
  • a level of performance that might best be described as average, rather than exceptional.

How does your car measure up?

So, how does your dream car measure up to the insurer’s ideal?

  • you might have chosen a prestige or high performance car precisely because it is out of the ordinary and sets itself apart from common, mass produced vehicles;
  • high performance, top end engineering and the possibility of your example being an import are all factors likely to increase the cost of repairs in the event of an accident or complete replacement of the vehicle if it is written off; and
  • as likely as not, a level of performance that may turn heads and, again, set your car apart from the also-rans.

Because the business of insurance is all about assessing risk and concerned with charging premiums commensurate with those risks, the special dream car you are likely to have chosen therefore attracts higher than normal insurance premiums.

Specialist car insurance

In other words, you are likely to require specialist car insurance.

Because of the huge range of cars which might fit such a description, the term “specialist” is deliberately imprecise and equally wide ranging. The description might be applied to any number of distinctive makes and models.

But it is just that ambiguity which might be giving you difficulties in trying to arrange insurance for your car through a standard provider.

Here at GSI Insurance, however, we have the expertise and experience necessary to arrange the specialist car insurance you may need – whatever the make and model your dream car may be. We understand what makes one car different from the run of the mill; we understand what makes your car special and your search for the appropriate insurance cover.

By building a clear picture of your particular and individual needs and requirements when it comes to motor insurance, we may help you to identify those specialist insurance products in this particular niche of the market, and provide a competitively priced insurance quote for all that you are likely to need.

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