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Category: Young Drivers

Just Passed Car Insurance

(& why is car insurance so expensive for young drivers?) If you’re reading this, chances are you or someone in your family has recently passed their driving test. From all of us at GSI Insurance Services (Southern) Ltd., we would like to say congratulations on such an incredible achievement, and best of luck with your […]

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Young drivers’ car insurance – explained

Not all younger drivers drive in the same way. Not all insurers see younger drivers in the same way either! So, in what follows we’ll be trying to explain why there is even any discussion of “younger drivers” within motor insurance and such a thing as young drivers’ car insurance. Do please remember though that […]

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MP’s debate an insurance cap for young drivers

Learning to drive has long been a rite of passage for young drivers. But it has been an arduous and punishingly expense course, not least because of the very high insurance premiums any young driver has had to pay. Why? Insurers are in the business of assessing risk and the statistics speak for themselves. Drivers […]

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Learner drivers to be allowed on motorways

In this day and age, practically everyone wants to be able to drive a car. And everyone, therefore, needs to learn sometime, meaning plenty of learner drivers on the road. Young and inexperienced drivers may be more vulnerable to driving error and road traffic accidents whilst they are on the necessary learning curve – and […]

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5 top tips for young driver’s insurance

Young drivers – those between the ages of 17 and 24 – make up only 1.5% of the UK’s driving population, but are involved in 9% off all serious and fatal road accidents, according to the road safety organisation Brake. This causes the cost of young driver’s insurance to rise. Even allowing for those serious […]

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Car insurance if you have just passed your test

You thought preparing for and passing your test was a nightmare. Don’t wake up yet, because there’s worse to come. Just wait until to try to get car insurance for the first time. The cost may surprise you. Typically costly, the good news is that there are specialist providers of car insurance for new drivers, […]

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Different options for young drivers insurance

Young drivers insurance is often expensive, and new drivers are likely to have a pretty torrid time of things. Their age alone makes it unlikely that they have much in the way of an income, yet: they need to find the – not inconsiderable – funds to pay for their driving lessons; they have the […]

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Young driver insurance money saving tips

According to the one of the latest updates by the Money Saving Expert on young driver insurance, drivers under the age of 25 are paying an average annual premium of well over £1,000. One of the keys to freedom and independence for young people is, of course, their access to their own transport, but with […]

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What is telematics car insurance?

Motor insurance is about the assessment of the risk of your having an accident and making a claim on your insurance policy. Telematics car insurance is the next step in getting a premium based on your own individual driving style. Traditionally, insurers have tried to assess that risk by considering your own past driving history […]

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Saving money on young driver insurance

Young drivers tend to have an especially hard time of it – a vehicle is likely to be more or less essential for getting out and about to work and to socialise, they do not have a lot of money, any car they buy is likely to represent a very significant proportion of their available […]

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