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Category: Unoccupied property insurance

Who needs empty property insurance – Updated for 2021

  The above question can be a little more complicated than it sounds, and with occupancies having to change following the coronavirus outbreak, it’s something that will have been asked more than ever in recent times. No brief article or blog can answer every question, and it is very much case-by-case based on your own […]

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Can you turn a commercial property into residential?

In short – Yes, in a lot of instances you can. From 2015 onwards, changes in certain regulations made it far easier when it comes to converting commercial premises into private dwellings. Conversion offers a great opportunity for property buyers, with more and more homeowners taking the opportunity. With home working practices more prevalent following […]

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Managing an Unoccupied Commercial Building

With a number of companies in the UK now considering remote working to be a long-term solution, the number of commercial premises sitting empty is on the rise. As with residential property, an unoccupied building is likely to have an increased risk of theft, vandalism, and escape of water, in particular, all issues that would […]

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Unoccupied property insurance – Do you need it?

If a property is going to be unoccupied for more than 30 days at any one time, the answer here is probably yes, you do need unoccupied property insurance. At the very least, you may need to have a conversation with your insurer to check they are still able to cover you, and any restrictions […]

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What is empty property insurance?

Empty property insurance is a subject that every householder should take seriously. Just why that is the case is something we at GSI Insurance would like to explain below. Definitions To begin with, it’s necessary to spend a few seconds thinking about the occupancy status of a given property. From an insurance perspective, the occupancy […]

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Unoccupied property insurance

At GSI insurance, we would like to take this opportunity to again highlight certain issues arising from unoccupied property insurance, and particularly properties that have moved into what is termed “unoccupied property status”. Occupied, unoccupied and empty properties Property insurance typically sees property as being either “occupied” or “unoccupied”.   Some policy providers may add a […]

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Unoccupied property insurance – What does it cover?

Unoccupied property insurance might, in some circumstances, be essential if you’re to protect your investment in your property and also potentially to comply with your mortgage agreement. Below, we at GSI Insurance will explain some of the key characteristics of this type of cover. Property status Before looking at the insurance and possibly mortgage issues, […]

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unoccupied property cover – Who needs it?

Sometimes a property might sit unoccupied for a period of time. Whether you’re an owner-occupier or landlord letting your property, once it’s unoccupied you should be considering the insurance implications carefully, and arrange specific unoccupied property cover. What is unoccupied property? At GSI Insurance, we know that properties can become unoccupied for any one of […]

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Unoccupied property insurance for landlords explained

Unoccupied property insurance suddenly becomes relevant when talking about the bane of any landlord’s life – a void. Voids occur when it is difficult to find your first tenants if you are new to the buy to let business, but may also occur during the interval between your current tenants coming to the end of […]

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What does unoccupied property insurance cover?

Here are our answers to some of the FAQs we receive on the subject of unoccupied property insurance. We’d also recommend though that you read our GSI-Insurance Guide to Unoccupied Property Insurance which contains more detail. Why doesn’t my buildings policy cover my property when it’s unoccupied? This is a slight misconception because in fact, […]

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