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Category: Renovation Insurance

Home Renovations Insurance – Planning Ahead For 2021

With widespread interruptions caused by COVID-19 moving into the Spring and Summer months, which is normally the best time to tackle home renovations with the British climate, a large number of home renovations projects planned for 2020 are currently still on hold. Many home owners will be hoping that their plans can go ahead in […]

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What is renovation insurance – and when do I need it?

Renovation can suggest major structural alternations to a property going on over months, which means that your standard owner-occupier home insurance (or landlord insurance if you let the property) typically may not provide the level of protection needed, and specialist renovation insurance might be a better fit. Let’s look at some of the issues. Insurance […]

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Know how: Converting a commercial property into a residential one

Converting a commercial property into a residential one has the distinct advantage of the building already being there – you may save on the costs of a new build and can see exactly what you are working with. Against that obvious attraction, however, it might be helpful to set a number of other considerations before […]

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Do you need to insure your property renovation?

If you are accustomed to keeping your home or let property adequately insured against the many perils it may face, you may also want to look more closely at what happens to that cover during the course of any property renovation. Property insurers – just like any other insurers – are principally concerned about the […]

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Looking at home renovations? Make sure you are covered

One of the clearest possible illustrations of why you need to make sure your property is adequately covered during any home renovations was given by a story that appeared in the Telegraph newspaper on the 8th of June 2016. The story reported the sudden, total collapse of a terraced house in the London borough of […]

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Thinking about a property renovation? Then you need property renovation insurance

Clearly, a good deal of thought needs to go into any decision to renovate or extend your home, but less stock is put in the property renovation insurance needed to go with it. The additional space, for instance, might be especially welcome to meet the needs of a growing family and help to increase the […]

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Insuring renovation work or property renovation

Insuring renovation work to properties may take any number of different forms depending on what you’re carrying out – some involving little more than a lick of paint and decoratively sprucing up, others may require major building works affecting the very structure of the building and a project extending over several months, or longer. Whatever […]

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Renovation insurance FAQs

Do I need renovation insurance? It all depends on the extent of the renovations to your property you have in mind. If all you are planning is to spruce up the building with a lick of paint and overall redecoration, specialist renovation insurance is unlikely to be required. If it is anything more extensive, however, […]

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FAQs about renovation insurance

Do I need renovation insurance? The answer to this question typically rests on two main factors: the nature and extent of the renovation project you are planning for your home; and the attitude and policy of your current home insurers. Many insurers, for instance, exclude cover for renovation work that extends much beyond simple redecoration […]

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Considering an extension? You could need separate renovation insurance

Property renovation may be a great way of breathing life back into a tired looking home, whilst at the same time increasing its potential capital value. Bespoke renovation insurance policies are available to accommodate. Renovation, remodelling or simple redecoration projects, therefore, may be attractive to: home owners looking to extend or simply spruce up the […]

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