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Category: Landlord Insurance

The importance of landlord insurance

There are three main generic reasons why landlord insurance is important when you are letting property and obtaining rental income from doing so: to protect your own financial interests against a range of property related risks; to do the same for your tenants and other third parties; to meet your regulatory and contractual obligations. Protecting […]

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Landlord insurance money saving tips

By adopting a few largely common sense approaches, it may be possible to potentially save money on your landlord insurance. A few ideas in that respect are listed below as individual landlord insurance money saving tips. Investigate the options for taking a higher voluntary excess No landlord insurance money saving tips would be complete without […]

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Landlord insurance and home insurance – What are the differences?

The above question is, without doubt, one of the commonest we at GSI Insurance hear from potential new clients, and they need advice on making the right decision regarding landlord insurance. We’d like to highlight some of the main themes that differentiate between the above two types of property cover. Similarities At the outset, it […]

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Landlords beware: The biggest turn offs for renters

Some landlords sometimes experience a degree of puzzlement as to why they are struggling to find tenants for their property. A recent survey has indicated some of the biggest problems in terms of potential renters’ perceptions when visiting a property. Some of these are perhaps self-evident but others may come as a slight surprise. The […]

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HMO legislation and changes for landlords to be aware of

The 4th May 2018 will be an important date for large numbers of landlords as new HMO legislation comes into effect. That’s because the rules change with respect to HMOs (Houses in Multiple Occupation). It has been coming There have been numerous reminders in various media to the effect that this date was fast approaching […]

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Landlord insurance – What does it cover?

A point we’ve often made in our blogs is that it can be impossible to say precisely what your landlord insurance policy covers and doesn’t – unless it’s one of ours of course! The only way to be sure is to sit down and read it or get the help of GSI Insurance at the […]

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Let property insurance explained

Increased government regulation and a tighter taxation regime may have appeared to take the wind out the sails of the buy to let industry recently, and we are seeing a change in trends in the let property insurance market. Increased operating expenses – even with the competitively priced landlord insurance we are able to offer […]

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Landlord insurance – Top tips to cut your costs

You know you need it, but the premiums you have to pay for your landlord insurance have a way of cutting into any profits you earn from your buy to let business. We have written before about saving on the cost of those premiums, but here are some further reminders, tips and suggestions for doing […]

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Let property – location, location, location

It may have become something of an overworked adage, but it really does seem that your choice of location for any buy to let property may make all the difference between having a business that is simply ticking over and one that is flourishing financially. This latest confirmation of the importance of choosing very carefully […]

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Landlord insurance premium saving tips

Effective insurance is largely about buying the cover which is appropriate for your particular, individual needs and circumstances – landlord insurance for one buy to let owner, for example, might look quite different to another’s. But given the often tight profit margins within which landlords operate, the price of insurance by no means takes a […]

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