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Category: Home Insurance

How to make your Holiday Home guests feel welcome

Even in a more high-end hotel, the accommodation can feel a little more like you’re on a business trip than a “home-away-from-home”, and for that reason, more and more holidaymakers in the UK have turned to staying in holiday homes instead. The unique characteristics and lived-in atmosphere can help create memories in themselves, rather than […]

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Issues with Listed Building insurance

Listed Buildings are considered to be a precious part of the nation’s heritage, and often, a unique building will need some form of unique cover. Listed Property owners can experience problems finding cost-effective insurance, especially when dealing with policy restrictions that may be very difficult for them given the type of property. A Listed Building […]

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Insuring your bike and keeping it safe

While COVID-19 has had a negative impact on most industries, the sale of home gym equipment and pedal bikes has been on the rise as a great way to keep yourself in shape during a lockdown. A bike has a dual purpose, it can be used out on the road, and provided you have space, […]

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What is a Listed building?

Whether or not a property classes as a Listed building isn’t necessarily about their size, or purchase price, and the definition can stretch all the way from mansions to small, single bedroom cottages. It is determined by the historical significance of the building, and protecting the part of history that it represents is considered to […]

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Is Mid-High Net Worth insurance different?

If you find that you have a high level of contents, take a lot of jewellery out of your house at the same time, or own a sizeable property, you may find the term Mid-High Net Worth insurance is used to describe your needs. In the simplest terms, if your buildings sum insured exceeds £500,000, […]

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Holiday Home Insurance and COVID-19

Holiday home insurance has become a serious consideration for 2020-21. With the United Kingdom operating with a variety of measures to restrict the spread of coronavirus, including England’s three-tier system, Scotland’s five-tier system, alert levels in Wales, and restrictions in Northern Ireland, the situation is changing all the time. Even with residents choosing to keep […]

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Home Contents Insurance at Christmas

After a year disrupted by the effects of COVID-19 in the UK, the festive period will be a welcome relief to many, and a chance to spend time with family members that may have had to self-isolate for extended periods in 2020. For that reason we’re going to discuss one of the best parts of […]

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Home Insurance During COVID-19

As the United Kingdom comes to the end of a four-week lockdown that started on the 5th November 2020, the majority of the country have been used to spending a lot more time at home. It is worth keeping in mind how this might affect our home insurance. While insurers have pledged to do everything […]

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Home insurance – Do I need it?

The question of home insurance contained within the title of this piece is sometimes heard in different contexts: tenants who believe they don’t need cover because their landlord is providing it; property owners who may feel that their contents are of such little value that there is no point covering them; more rarely, property owners […]

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Home insurance – How important is it?

For most people, the concept of home insurance breaks down into two distinct categories: a form of cover that is typically associated with protecting a building and its structure. This is often referred to as “buildings insurance”; financial protection aimed at the possessions that are stored inside that building – typically referred to as “contents […]

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