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Category: Drink Driver Insurance

What are the cheapest cars to insure for previously convicted drivers?

Part of the makeup of an insurance premium is the risk that an insurance company perceives a driver may be, and it’s worth remembering that they aren’t just covering the car they’re insuring, but also any damage the driver may cause to other people, vehicle, or property. Therefore if you have had a previous driving […]

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Drink Driver Insurance and the Christmas Period

The need for drink driver insurance seems to be at its highest as we move into December. Records show that alcohol consumption in the United Kingdom can increase by a third or more during the month in line with the Christmas period, as well as people seeing in the New Year in style. It is […]

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Conviction car insurance – Getting cover

Conviction car insurance is a key part of the motor industry. According to figures released by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) in March 2017, 220 people died, 1,160 were seriously injured and there was a total of more than 8,000 casualties as a result of drink-drive accidents in 2015 (the most […]

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How to reduce your insurance premiums if you have driving convictions

The Department for Transport’s road safety campaign Think! warns that the penalties for drink driving may incur a hefty fine, a ban from driving for at least 12 months and a criminal record. Despite this, it is one of the more common driving convictions we tend to come across. Not only that, but being caught drink-driving […]

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Getting low cost insurance criminal convictions insurance

What business has an insurer asking about any criminal convictions you might have? It might seem like a particular form of discrimination – suggests the Citizens’ Advice Bureau – but insurers in fact have the right to ask you just such questions. And if you are asked, you are obliged to declare certain of those […]

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Do you insure convicted drivers?

Can you offer convicted driver insurance? Ask that question of many an insurer and you may get one of two answers: if your motoring convictions are of the more serious nature – such as drink driving – the answer you get might be a flat no; or the somewhat grudging response may be, possibly – […]

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What is convicted driver insurance?

Convicted driver insurance is a particular form of motor insurance for drivers who have been convicted of any type of motoring offence. Drivers who have any form of conviction for a motoring offence are required to declare that fact to an insurer if requested at the time of application for cover or if the conditions […]

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Brake: Zero tolerance for at-work drink drivers

Road safety charity Brake has called for a zero tolerance approach to individuals who are found to be over the legal alcohol limit, and effectively become drink drivers while in charge of a vehicle at work. According to research published part of the organisation’s ongoing Fleet Safety Forum, more than half of all businesses with […]

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Drink and drive – Avoid the temptation, advises the IAM

People up and down the country will be planning to enjoy the (hopefully) sunny months ahead by socialising with friends and family, while many will enjoy a drink or two at the same time. As a result, millions of Britons will face the temptation to drink and drive, then taking to the roads, but this […]

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Motorists support tougher penalties

New research from road safety charity Brake has highlighted the growing consensus for tougher penalties to be handed out to motorists who cause death by dangerous driving. According to the group’s findings, 82 per cent of UK adults support calls for increased sentences for individuals who cause a fatality as a result of dangerous driving, […]

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