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Buying your insurance locally can save you money

Who buys insurance locally anymore? This is the age of internet shopping. Practically any kind of goods and services may be bought online at the click of a button – and many are.

Before you next go online to buy your insurance, however, you might want to consider one especially important consideration – by taking a step back and seeing what you might be able to buy from a local insurance provider might result in your saving money on the deal – as well as getting more appropriate cover.

How is that so?

  • one of the first things you might want to recognise is the quality of service likely to be provided by a local broker – quality that may sooner or later make all the difference in the way your insurance needs are met and saving you money, therefore, into the bargain;
  • the local broker knows the area, is more familiar with local conditions and customers’ preferences, and is able to offer a personal one-to-one service, often establishing a relationship with the customer that extends over many years – a personal touch that you are unlikely to find however hard you scour the online offers or comparison websites; and
  • if the worst should happen, if you suffer some loss or damage and need to make a claim on your motor, household or business insurance, a local broker is there to help steer you through the complexities of filing that claim.

What’s on offer in East Kent

If you happen to live in East Kent, you are able to make the most not only of these general advantages of using a local insurance broker, but a succession of additional benefits from buying insurance locally too.

From our offices here in Whitstable, GSI Insurance has a regular selection of special discounts designed especially for our local customers. These may be claimed by any resident of Whitstable, Ashford, Canterbury, Herne Bay, Maidstone, the Medway Towns or anywhere else within a 25 mile radius.

Currently, these offers (which are subject to terms and conditions) include:

Price matching

  • we undertake to match any quote or renewal price you might have received – even those you find on the internet – and if we are unable to do that, you may claim a £20 voucher to spend on your local high street;

Discounts when you arrange a second policy

  • we are all for rewarding customer loyalty, so if you are already insured with us and decide to arrange a second policy, we are happy to offer an attractive discount on any policy worth £150 or more;

Keeping it in the family – or amongst friends

  • if you refer a member of your family, or a friend, who subsequently arranges a policy worth £150 or more, we are happy to offer a similar discount on your own premiums.

Civil servants

Whether you are currently working or have retired as a civil servant, we have identified a number of insurance deals offering discounts of up to 30% on the normal premium rates – and consider these discounts especially difficult to beat.

Even in this age of instant shopping online, therefore, it might sometimes be worth taking a step back and reconsidering older habits of establishing a working relationship with real people, who offer a personal service, and who are still going to be there when you need help and advice on your insurance needs.


If you live in East Kent, therefore, you might be especially interested in the services and special offers from us here at GSI Insurance. To find out more, visit GSI Insurance current offers or call us now on 0800 612 9376 or 01227 772 775 .

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